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No Mark (NM) Info

Information for Students and Parents about Progress Reports, No Marks, and No Credits
What is a progress report?
A progress report is a mid-quarter report of progress in a class. The report helps evaluate a student's success in each class during the quarter.

All students receive a progress report is available on the Aeries portal: September, November, February, and April.

There are only two types of grades on a progress report: “P” indicates a passing grade the class; “NM” indicates that a student is in danger of not passing the class.
What does a NM (No Mark) mean?
A NM may indicate that an assignment has not been turned in, passed a quiz or a test, have not completed all of the work for a class, and/or learned an essential concept or skill. If this work is not completed or made up, a student may not pass the class.
How to a correct a NM?
A NM may be corrected upon completion of missing assignments and/or clearing essential concepts or skills and/or test. Any questions regarding a NM grade, contact the teacher.
What is the difference between a NM (No Mark) and a NC (No Credit)?
A NM is a progress or quarter report grade that may be corrected. A NC is a final semester grade.
May a NC be changed?
A NC is a final semester grade posted by the teacher. This may require a student to repeat the semester in summer school, night school or in a proceeding semester, if applicable.
What can I do to avoid NM’s and NC’s in the future?
Use a planner to help track assignments. Write due dates in your planner for assignments. Highlight the dates to help you remember important information. Use the grade check in your planner to keep track of your grades in your classes.