Welcome to RHS PE

It is the goal of the Physical Education department to provide students with opportunities to develop an optimal level of physical fitness through the use of psychomotor development activities, cardiovascular endurance/flexibility/strength training, and wellness education.  Health related activities are intergral part of the program at all levels.  The emphasis in activities is an awareness of the importance of daily execise, social skills, sportsmanship, and the enjoyment of physical activity throughout a lifetime. Health related fitness tests are administered each quarter to all students in order to better assess student progress.


Mr. Dave Muscarella  (Dept. Chair)
Mr. Steve Taylor
Ms. Debi DeVinna, A.T.C
Mr. Grant Depue
Mr. Jason Adams
Mr. Greg Benzel
Mrs. Lyndsey Kacelek-Brown
The best way to contact your P.E. teacher is via email


Classes Starting!

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Plus Period

Earn 5% towards your grade for every plus period make-up.

Course Offerings

Rocklin High School has a 3 year Physical Education requirement.

PE 1-  all freshmen are required to take this core course and successfully complete it before moving on to elective courses.

PE Electives

PE 2
Team Sports
Weight Training
Aerobic Walking
Aerobic Fitness
Lifetime Sports