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Guest Passes

All of our dances are primarily for RHS students. If you would like to bring a guest from another high school, an RHS Guest Pass Request must be completed.  Each student is allowed to bring only one guest to each dance.  Guests should be regularly attending students at another high school.  The RHS student must arrive with their guest and accompany their guest at the dance until they depart together.  Guest Pass Requests for casual and semiformal dances are available from the Assistant Principal’s office approximately two weeks prior to the date of the dance. The RHS student is required to return the Guest Pass Request to the AP Office with completed guest information, plus the signature and business card from the guest’s high school administration.  Requests are due by 3:00 pm the Wednesday prior to the date of the dance.  It is the responsibility of the RHS student to get the guest pass completed and returned to the AP office by the deadline. RHS students requesting a guest pass must have all discipline issues/detention served before their guest pass will be approved.


For semiformal dances, guests who graduated from Rocklin High School the previous year, with an approved guest pass, will be allowed to attend.  Semiformal Guest Pass Request forms will have special information for these guests to complete.


For formal dance events, passes for students NOT currently attending high school will be considered by the school administration on an individual basis.  Guest age limit is 20 years old.  Guests are required to show a current, valid picture ID in order to be admitted to the event.


Any disciplinary problems caused by a guest will result in termination of all future guest privileges for that guest.  Depending on the details of the situation, the behavior can have an impact on the host student as well.