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Freak Dance Policy

No Freaking

Don’t be responsible for stopping the dance!!!

Contact from your pelvic region to another person’s pelvic region or their buttocks

is considered inappropriate as is dancing with inter-locked legs. Dancers must remain upright – no sexual squatting or sexual bending is allowed. This dance permission form is the only warning that will be given. No further warnings will be given at the dance. Have fun and enjoy yourself without crossing the line.


Individual consequence for freak dancing:

First offense:

removal from current dance

as well as next dance and loss of guest pass privileges

Second offense:

loss of guest pass privileges


removal from all dances for


current AND next semester

Third offense: lifetime ban from dances

plus school discipline and loss of guest pass privileges

***Remember RHS students are responsible for the behavior and demeanor of their guest, your student host will receive consequences for your misbehavior

If a number of people are violating this policy, the dance will be stopped and a group warning will be given.

If freaking continues the dance will end for the evening

No refunds will be given. Don’t be the one to cause everyone

to lose out on their dance.