RHS does not allow for credit card payment during fundraisers-
All checks should be made payable to RHS Cheer
Cash is also accepted
Cookie Dough Sales: 4/3-4/10

Cookie Dough Sales: 4/3-4/10title

  • Order forms will be handed out at practice 4/3
  • Orders Collected at practice 4/10
  • Delivery/Pick Up MAY 6th anytime after 5pm

  • Cost is $18 per box of 48 frozen cookies
  • Flavors include  choc chunk, m&m, oatmeal raisin, snicker doodle,
          white chocolate macadamia nut, and
     peanut butter  
  • Cheerleaders will earn min of $5 for every box sold (goes into individual cheer account)
  • Each cheerleader is responsible for selling 20 boxes
  • Prizes awarded to top sellers from sweatshirts to cash!

2016 results    950 boxes sold  $4750 earned
2017  results   913 boxes  $4565 earned
2018 results   889  $4445
2019 results  ?????
Mixed Bag Catalog/Online 5/6-5/20

Mixed Bag Catalog/Online 5/6-5/20title



great for out of town supporters- Orders shipped directly to buyers


Mixed Bag Designs Catalog Sale.

Sellers can earn up to 40%* of their total sales (pre-tax) for their individual cheer account.  
*dependent on overall sales/Catalog Sales only  (Online is 30%)

Use link above as it goes directly to the ROCKLIN CHEER Fundraiser page

enter your cheerleader's name during checkout


Catalog Sales:
Collect $ with order ADD SALES TAX at 7.25%


Order and $$ Due May 20th

Eteam Sponsor 4/10-6/10

Eteam Sponsor 4/10-6/10title

Check out the Eteam Sponsor Website for more details  
Eteam's  Privacy Policy
Short HOW TO Video for instructions on getting started
Funds raised will go directly to the cheerleader who raised them!! 
Amount is determined by how much is raised. Typically 70%-80%

Click here for HOW TO Instructions:
Participant Instructions

campaign ID #160986139

  1. This is an email based fundraising campaign that also utilizes contact via social media (facebook/twitter, and linkedin for their parents/guardians) and text messaging. It is very important for them to choose at least 20 people to reach out to via email. The email portion of the campaign contributes to roughly 70% of the funds raised, with social media and text picks up the other 30%.


  2. When going home to consult Mom, Dad, guardian, , think of people outside of the local community. We want to reach those who would not normally have the opportunity to support their participation in extracurricular activities.


  3. We suggest you do not ask your friends or other people on the Rocklin HS campus. Your friends more than likely aren’t able to support the Cheer program, and teachers/administrators on campus do not want to be bombarded by emails from student-athletes on campus. Even if they did choose to support the program, they could only donate to 1 participant. It hurts the effectiveness of the fundraiser.


  4. The participant instructions allow you to write down the full name, email address, and relationship to the participant. If you do not necessarily have a relationship with the contact, just have them write “family friend” in the relationship box.*MAKE SURE THEY SPELL THE SPONSOR/DONOR’S NAME CORRECTLY, AS WELL AS THE EMAIL ADDRESS… ONE OFF LETTER/NUMBER OR SYMBOL CAN MAKE THE EMAIL ADDRESS INVALID, AND THEREFORE, HURT THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE EMAIL CAMPAIGN!





We will have a NIKE team store opening in the Fall (August) so check back!!


We are always looking for fundraising/sponsorship opportunities.  If you have a great idea please share!