The Special Education program at Rocklin High School includes the Resource Specialist Program, Special Day Classes, Independent Living Skills classes, and a Severely Multiply Disabled program. 

The Resource Specialist Program (RSP) is for students whose abilities are in the low average, average, and above average ranges who have discrepancies between ability and academic levels as defined by law. The majority of the student's day is spent in the general education program. The Resource Specialists support students in general education classes through study skills classes.

Special Day Classes (SDC)are for students with more intensive educational needs, when education in regular classes with the use of supplementary aides and services cannot be achieved satisfactorily. Typically 50% or more of the student's day is spent in Special Day Classes.

 Independent Living Skills classes (ILS) are designed for students with significant developmental delays. The classes focus on skills required to help students function as independently as possible in everyday life situations and prepare for post-secondary transition.

The Severely Multiply Disabled (SMD) program serves students with severe multiple disabilities and focuses on communication and self-help skills.

 Eligibility for Special Education classes is determined by the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team.



 Name   Classes Taught 

Scott Shier: Dept. Head (SDC)


Basic Pre-Algebra, Basic Algebra, Study Skills


Jennifer Kaiser (SDC)


Basic English, Basic Writing, Basic Literature, Study Skills


Michael Knight: Dept. Head (SDC)


Basic Social Studies, Basic Science, Study Skills


Louise Cranston (RSP)


Study Skills


Michelle Fitzpatrick (RSP)


Study Skills


Rachelle Sloan (RSP)


Study Skills


Cristi Tanner(RSP)


Study Skills


Allison Kappmeyer (ILS)


Functional English, Functional Social Studies, Functional Science, Production, Job Skills


Pam Shugarte (ILS)


Functional Math, Applied Science, Life Skills


Anna van Loon (ILS)


Functional English, Applied English, Leisure Social Skills, Job Skills


David Bressler (SMD)