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PE Clothes are always on sale
T-shirt $11
Shorts $14
Payment collected at Student Store
Bring receipt to PE Dept to pick  up PE Clothes

PE 1 students working on their Ballet Routines

Rainy Day T25 Cardio Session

Freshman swimming breast stroke in PE 1

Healthy for life!

Welcome to RHS PE

Welcome to RHS PE

It is the goal of the Physical Education department to provide students with opportunities to develop an optimal level of physical fitness through the use of psychomotor development activities, cardiovascular endurance/flexibility/strength training, and wellness education.  Health related activities are intergral part of the program at all levels.  The emphasis in activities is an awareness of the importance of daily exercise, social skills, sportsmanship, and the enjoyment of physical activity throughout a lifetime. Health related fitness tests are administered each quarter to all students in order to better assess student progress.

Graduation Requirements

  • Rocklin High School has a 3 year Physical Education requirement.

Course Offerings

PE 1

A state mandated course for Freshman that includes the following components:
  • Mental health and wellness training/activities
  • Daily, vigorous exercise
  • Units:
  • Volleyball
  •  Swim
  •  Pickleball
  •  Dance/Tumbling
  •  Fitness Lab
  •  Self Defense

PE Electives

  •  Team Sports
  •  Lifetime Sports
  •  Aerobic Fitness
  •  Aerobic Walking
  •  General Weight Lifting
  •  Rockfit
Contacting your teacher:

Contacting your teacher:

If a student or parent has a question or concern please use the RHS Communication Protocol is as follows:
Student → Teacher (Either face to face or email where student contacts teacher)
Student → Counselor (Counselor contacts teacher)
Student/Parent → Teacher, Counselor (Plan next steps if any)  
Student/Parent → Assistant Principal, Counselor 
Student/Parent → Principal
Emailing a teacher:
Teacher Contact Information: The best way to contact your P.E. teacher is via email
Mr. Dave Muscarella  (Dept. Chair)                  Mr. Grant Depue                           Mr. Tim Kenney
Mr. Steve Taylor                                                Mr. Jason Adams 
Ms. Debi DeVinna, A.T.C                                  Mrs. Sarah Blankenship