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In an effort to provide the best possible experience for your son at Rocklin High School we have different needs.  Football requires weight training, technology, equipment, and team experiences.  
To make this happen, we need to fundraise in multiple ways and platforms.
Each of the subsequent tabs outline our needs as a football program and highlight the ways you can contribute.
Thanks again,
Mr. Adams

Thunder Cards

We have some fantastic discount cards that immediately pay for themselves and provide great deals at popular businesses for a year. There is a convenient app included that saves even more money and time for the buyer. 10 cards valued at $20.00 per card will be pre-purchased by parents for $200.  This $200 goes directly to your April installment and you keep the money as your son sells his cards.  If you would like to purchase more cards the money you pre-pay goes directly towards your overall contribution total.

Eteam Sponsorship

Rocklin Football strongly encourages full involvement in our Eteam Sponsorship Program. This is a true Program Fundraiser that goes directly to our player equipment and field equipment. The target is for each family to bring in at minimum $300.00. If your family is uncomfortable soliciting family and friends, then please complete the two installments for May and June meeting the $300.00 target required for all families. If your family is participating and falls short of the $300.00 target, then please complete the June installment for the remaining balance to reach $300.00.  


Football is a physical game and as a result we want to provide our players with quality equipment.  We purchase new helmets and shoulder pads every off-season and go through the reconditioning process putting an emphasis on having the best/safest equipment we can afford.  
We also have to maintain/purchase larger items: blocking sleds, safety shields, stand-up bags, footballs, tackling dummies/donuts. 
We have done a great job this off-season of improving the equipment in our weight room.  We purchased 12 new Olympic bars, multiple assistance bands, medicine balls, and replaced all 12 of our platforms.

Transportation / Tech

Bus Transportation has become extremely expensive. This has never been a budgeted item but it is now costing us over $10,000.00 per year. The last thing we want as a program is making parents responsible for getting their sons to each game. There is extreme value in the TEAM riding together on a bus. This ensures that everyone arrives together and is part of pre-game preparation. 
Along with transportation, technology has become a crucial part of running a successful football program.  Hudl is uni-formally used for trading film with opponents to help prepare for each game.  It is also the best teaching tool we have!!!  With Hudl comes the necessity for cameras, Ipads, head sets, telescoping tri-pods, receivers and the list goes on.  

Option Out

If you chose not to be involved in the process of fundraising, there will be a option out option in the online installment service on our website.

Option out                                 $800.00

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PayPal Payment

PayPal Payment

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