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Varsity Coaching Staff

Head Coach / Def Coord –     Jason Adams

Offensive Coordinator / WR's–      Tim Kenney

Quarterback Coach –              Drew Wyant

Offensive Line -                  Bob Barnes

Defensive Line -                 Chris Johnson

Line Backers / RB's-              Brandon Bochi

Defensive Backs -          Warner Herndon

Tight Ends / FB's-                  Jason Ingman


JV Coaching Staff

Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator – Sam Pulino

Defensive Coordinator – John Kirk

Wide Receivers/Defensive Backs –    Brock O'Harran

Line Backers/Running Backs –           Mike Cunningham

Defensive Line -                                Jeff Begley

Quarterbacks -                                    Dean Clark

Offensive Line -                                 Sean Taghavi


Freshman Coaching Staff

Head Coach –                                    Matt Eckman

Offensive Coordinatory / QB's Sam Martinez

Defensive Coordinator/ DLine –         Ken Gober

Wide Reciever/Defensive Backs –      Mike Murphy

Running Backs/Defensive Backs –      Jake Sutton

Offensive Line –                                Mike Lefebvre

Offensive Line -- Johnny Del Toro

Line Backers –                                   Jared Amader


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