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Athletic Handbook

Click here to access the Athletic Code of Conduct and guiding procedures for RHS Athletics:

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National Letter of Intent

Requirements for Participating in the RHS National Letter of Intent Signing Day:

1)  All student athletes must be participating in a sport at the Division I, II or III levels.

2)  All student athletes must have participated in the signing sport on the Rocklin HS campus.                          Students signing for sports not offered at Rocklin HS may participate in the NLI Signing Day.

3)  We are unable to accommodate student athletes participating at the Jr. College level or walk-ons.

4)  Each athlete must provide their school's signing day letter on the day of the signing event.  Rockiln HS will not provide any paperwork for official signings.    

For questions please email Ms. Tillery at

There will be 3 signing events this school year to recognize the accomplishments of athletes and their college decisions.  

This year's dates are as follows:   Nov. 13, 2019          Feb. 5, 2020            April 15, 2020

Please see attached signing day information sheet.  Fill it out and turn it in to Ms. Tillery in the College & Career Center no later than one week prior to your signing day.  


Parent Info Night

Fall- August 3rd, 2023 @ 6pm in the Cafeteria
Winter- October 23rd, 2023 @ 6pm in the Cafeteria
Spring- January 22nd, 2024 @ 6pm in the Cafeteria

Transfer Students

All students transferring to Rocklin HS from another highschool MUST speak with our Athletic Director after meeting with our School Registrar and enrolling for classes. CIF must approve ALL transfer students for athletic eligibility before the student athlete may participate in games. 
CIF forms may be required, subject to the conditions of the student transfer.  See CIF bylaws 206, 207 and 510 for student transfer details (

Vision & Philosophy



The Rocklin High School Athletic program is and integral part of the Rocklin High School learning experience.  The RHS student athlete experience is a result of the “six Pillars of Success” as outlined in the Rocklin High School handbook; a lifelong learner and continually improving.   



The Athletic Department's philosophy is a result of the systemic philosophy of Rocklin High School and the structures that facilitate these beliefs.  Specifically, the “Six Pillars of Success” that outline our expected learning results (ESLR’s) have driven our Athletic philosophy.  They include the following:

Character - Humility, Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility, Leadership, and Sportsmanship

Communication - to communicate openly and honestly in constructive manner.

Commitment - to be “present” and dedicated with your whole heart to the goals of self, team, school and community.    

Curriculum - to develop self-directed learners through the process inherent within the skills, ability and knowledge of each sport.    

Challenge - “Embrace the battle” – Fearless and self motivated players and team that persevere / excel in pressure situations and do not let the final outcome discourage them from maximizing their potential.

Community - We are a united group of people that believe in being part of something bigger than ourselves which brings out the best in each of us as individuals.  To that wend, we create and institute methods to support and enhance team, school and city-wide community.