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Visual and Performing Arts



Visual and Performing Arts courses help to shape students’ abilities to observe, create, use imagination, organize thoughts and feelings, and make informed judgments.

As students achieve in the arts, they participate in activities that not only feed their minds, but engage their senses.

Through the arts students discover the richest benefits of life; creative endeavors that inspire self-expression and discovery, reflection, and intellectual growth.

The Visual and Performing Arts department offers a wide variety of courses in Visual Arts, Dance, Theatre Arts, Vocal and Instrumental Music.

Courses are aligned with the California Content Standards for Visual and Performing Arts and meet the UC/CSU F Requirement for college entrance.

Students have the opportunity to participate in beginning to advanced levels, allowing them to explore or specialize in a particular discipline. 


Sarah Blankenship
Jeff Hayman
Chris Knorzer
Emily Masnica
Shawn Spiess
Auna Willert