Program Description

Computer Science Students will receive training in everything from basic coding and how a computer works, to cyber security and robotics.  Successful completion of the first class will allow the student to enroll in the cornerstone class, Information Technology Essentials. IT Essentials, RIOT (Rocklin Institute of Technology), allows students to choose one of five teams in (CyberSecurity, Hardware Support, Programming, Web Development, and Robotics and Education) in which to be a part. T  A student could then move into a management role over a particular project, or even one of the five teams in the Technology Leadership class. There are also two AP Computer Science classes; AP CS Principles and AP CS A. The end goal is for our students to practice problem solving and working on real world applications.

Program Sequence

Exploring Computer Science

Grade Level: 9-12

Prerequisite: None

Requirements Met:

RHS Technology

UC/CSU Approved “G”

Course Description: Exploring Computer Science (ECS) is a yearlong, introductory high school course designed to engage students in computational thinking and practice. A major aim of ECS is attracting students who might not think of themselves as “typical” candidates for computer science.  ECS provides a comprehensive set of inquiry-based lessons while using a variety of tools and platforms. Students will have opportunities to learn and work with concepts in Hardware, Algorithms, Abstractions, Programming, Cyber Security, Web Development, and Robotics.

Information Technology Essentials I: “RIOT”

Grade Level: 9-12

Prerequisite: ECS or Instructor Approval

Requirements Met:

RHS Technology

UC/CSU Approved “F”

Course Description: The Rocklin Institute of Technology (RIOT) program (course name “IT Essentials”) is a student-run business and technology organization that provides technical services to RHS staff, students, the district and community. RIOT levels I students will learn how to set goals, take initiative, manage time and projects, work in teams, work with clients, and evaluate their own progress and performance. Students will apply for positions in one of the following RIOT groups, which are directed by student managers:  Cyber Security, IT Support, Programming, Robotics and Education, and Web Development. Guest speakers and trainers from local tech companies will help enhance and support this business environment as students serve the RHS campus.

  • Dual Enrollment with CIS 26 at Sierra College starting with the 2018-2019 school year.

Technology Leadership: “RIOT”

Grade Level: 10-12

Prerequisite: IT Essentials I AND Must meet with Mr. Werner prior to Enrollment

Requirements Met:

RHS Technology

UC/CSU Approved “F”

Course Description: This course is for returning students (usually managers) who are continuing with the RIOT program. Embedded within the RIOT classroom, Tech Leadership students will manage the program through leadership positions in one or more of the RIOT functional groups. Student managers, who must first complete the RIOT course, will lead a RIOT group by setting and achieving goals, training students, leading and evaluating students, engaging with customers (RHS staff and students), and managing projects.  Other requirements will include the study of leadership theory, including reading outside textbooks, writing formal reports and case studies, developing evaluations and goals, communicating effectively, problem-solving, maintaining integrity, and thinking critically. Students will need to spend extra hours working after school. Student leaders may receive training from local tech industry partners, specifically in leadership and management principles, including project management, goal setting, evaluating employees, customer engagement, time management, public speaking, and conducting effective meetings. If students are seeking to be leaders or managers in any business (not just technology), this course will provide ample opportunity to develop management skills in a real world environment through the actual conducting of a business organization on campus.

AP Computer Science Principles

Grade Level: 10-12

Prerequisite: Completion of Integrated Math 1

Fee: College Board Testing Fee ($TBA)

Requirements Met:

RHS Technology OR Math Elective

UC/CSU Approved “F”


Course Description: The course will introduce students to the creative aspects of programming, abstractions, algorithms, large data sets, the internet, cybersecurity concerns, and computing impacts. AP Computer Science Principles will give students the opportunity to use technology to address real-world problems and build relevant solutions. The course is equivalent to a first year college course for Non-Majors.

  • Articulated with Sac State CS 010

AP Computer Science A

Grade Level: 10-12

Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in Integrated Math 3 or higher math course

Fee: College Board Testing Fee ($TBA)

Requirements Met:

RHS Technology OR Math Elective

UC/CSU Approved “F”


Course Description: Learn to design and implement computer programs that solve problems relevant to today’s society, including art, media, and engineering.  Learn to apply programming tools and solve complex problems through hands-on experiences and examples. The course emphasizes both object-oriented and imperative problem solving and design using Java language. The AP Computer Science A course curriculum is designed to be equivalent to a first year college computer science course for Computer Science Majors.

  • Articulated with Sac State CS 015

Program Outcomes and Certifications: Sell the course here and what students will learn.

  • Improve project management skills and

  • Compete in CyberSecurity Competitions

  • Girls Who Code - Provides an opportunity to not only expand on one’s coding knowledge, but also working in groups to reach out and educate in the community.  By participating in the Technovation Challenge, girls will be working on a business plan, marketing and branding of their own app.

  • Internship opportunities with HP (not guaranteed, must interview)

  • Opportunities to participate in HP Code Wars (optional)

Program Accomplishments:

  • Placed 3+ interns at HP Enterprise for the last 3 years

  • CyberPatriot - Top Teams in Gold and Silver Regional competitions 2017

  • Mayor’s Cup Invitations as top Regional teams for 2017-2018

  • HP Code Wars - 1st Place in Expert Division 2016





Program Alum - Where are they now:

Ryan Deleurme RHS ‘17 Sierra College

  • Works IT for a Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) in Roseville

  • “The projects and soft skills training helped me get hired.”

Luciano Gonzalez RHS ‘17 Stanford (Harvard)

Ryan DiGrande RHS ‘17 Sierra College - Works for Rocklin Unified School District

Kyle Bouwman RHS ‘17 Cal Poly (NSA)

Jon Steinke RHS ‘17 Sierra College

Jordan Benson WHS ‘17 MIT

Holly Ham RHS ‘17 Berkeley

Davis Gomes RHS ‘17 UCLA

Sam Stoutenberg RHS ‘17 Berkeley

Naveena Attota RHS ‘17 UCLA

Karl Danielsen RHS ‘17 UCLA

Matt Jaojoco RHS ‘17 Cal Poly

Sam Svindland RHS ‘16 Oregon

Brandon Ryan RHS ‘16 Cal Poly

Alex Rakeman RHS ‘16 CS Berkeley

Matthew Olker RHS ‘16 CS Chicago

Ryan Pottle RHS‘15 Berkeley

Zach Dehkordi RHS ‘15 Berkeley

Marshal Hoffman RHS ‘15 Cornell

Jaskirat Hothi RHS ‘15 Washington

Trevor Peterson RHS ‘15 UCSD

Ken Shuler RHS ‘15 Berkeley

Mitch Clark RHS ‘14 Chico

Mark Hubrig RHS ‘14 Chico