Rocklin High School offers a full scope and sequence in journalism leading to production in all modern areas. In addition, the Communication Studies program continues to work toward full convergence of all media programs giving students opportunities to produce and publish media in a variety of formats. These include a traditional feature magazine, literary magazine and yearbook. In addition journalism is actively involved in the school's internal news feature broadcast (The Show), social media in a variety of formats, and online publication. Our photojournalism courses support production in all areas. 

Journalism is the first draft of history 
 Phillip Graham, The Washington Post


Mr. Casey Nichols-  Resume
Classroom phone: 916-632-7498

Teaching schedule
Blue  Silver
1-Pubs 2-4 2-PhotoJ1
3-Pubs 2-4 4-Prep
5-Journ 1 6-Journ 2-4
7-Prep 8-Pubs 1


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