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Rocklin High School US History Syllabus
Ms. Kenyon   Mr. Benzel   Mr. Berry

Course Description: US History is a required course for graduation.  Studies in this course will provide students with a broad look at the history of the United States from the Foundations to the start of the 21st century.  Understanding  US history and how it applies to today’s society will provide students with the skills and knowledge to become actively involved in their own history.  To “experience” US history and the situations/choices made in our nations past, we will use primary source materials, simulations, projects, independent study/analysis, cooperative group activities, and other strategies to look at our history. As a contributing member of society and a member of our history here in the 20th century, it will be important that you are an informed citizen of the world. 

Textbook: The American Vision

Course Outcomes and Essential Skills: During the first semester we will cover the following units of study:  Beginnings of America to Reconstruction, Industrialization, Progressive Era, US as a World Power, From War to Peace (1920’s), Depression and New Deal

Homework/Grading Policy: In order to receive a passing grade, every student must earn at least a 70% in the class AND pass all the essential skills and concepts.  Students grades will be determined as follows: Tests, projects and essential skills – 70%
Interactive Student Notebook (ISN) – 30% (see ISN section below for further information)

Grading Policy for Essential Skills (Tests/Projects/Essays)
Essential skills and concepts will be graded in the following manner:
Tests/projects/essays completed on time and earning greater than 50% will receive a grade of 70% upon attainment of mastery.
Tests/projects/essays which are not completed on time or earn less than 50% will receive a grade of 60% upon attainment of mastery. 
All projects/essays must be turned in on the due date regardless of absence.  
Students absent on the day of a test will be expected to make up that test upon their return.
Grading Policy for Interactive Student Notebook (Homework/Classwork/Performance)
Non-essential skills and concepts will be graded in the following manner:
We accept late work on non-essential assignments for 50 percent credit, until the end of the current unit of study.  Late work may be accepted beyond the end of the unit, at teacher discretion.
***The student’s grade will be derived from an average of all work completed during each unit of study and based on the following breakdown:
90-100% A
80-89 B
70-79 C
69 or below NO CREDIT / course must be retaken
Social Studies Grade Comment Key
Essential Skill not passing but must be made-up.        NM
Non Essential Skill cannot be made up.                                0      
Not Taken/Not Turned In or No Name                                 Mi  (Missing)
Absent can be made up                                                  Ab
Excused                                                                                  Ex

Materials: All assignments (both in class and homework) will be completed in the Interactive Student Notebook (ISN).  NOTEBOOKS NEED TO BE BROUGHT TO CLASS EACH DAY. Each student will need the following materials to complete their notebook:
1. Spiral bound notebook (150pgs minimum, college ruled, 11 x 8 ½, white paper, three hole punched)
2. Highlighters (preferably 2 different colors)
3. Pencil with an eraser
4. A roll of tape
5. Set of colored pencils
6. Scissors

Classroom Expectations: