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Interactive Student Notebook

What is the purpose of the notebook?

The purpose of the ISN it to enables you to be creative, independent thinker and writer.  Interactive notebooks will be used for class notes, as well as for other activities where you will be asked to express your own ideas and process information presented by this class.  As you work with the notebook, it becomes a portfolio for your work thoughts and beliefs.  This notebook is different from traditional notebooks due to the fact that it provides activities of a variety of learning styles, mixture of the Multiple Intelligences, and tasks all geared to how our brains learn best.  This notebook will be a valuable resource in preparing for tests.  The notebook is 30% of your entire grade.

How do I use the notebook?

The interactive notebooks encourage students to record information in an organized fashion.  We divide the notebooks into two different sides: left side activities and right side activities.  The right side of the notebook is the “input” side or the teacher side.  It contains the key information for the unit such as class notes, t-charts, and graphs.  Typically, all “testable” information will be found here.  The left side of the notebook is the “output” side or the student side, primarily used for processing new ideas.  Students work out an understanding of the material by using illustrations, diagrams, or flow charts.  Students explore their opinions and clarify values on issues, wonder about “what if” hypothetical situations and ask questions about new ideas. These activities will either PREVIEW or PROCESS new information.

Left Side – student input/application
Reorganize new information in creative formats
Express opinions and feelings
Explore connections to what has been learned
Apply skills learned (diagrams, analogies, political cartoons)
Right side – teacher input
Title and unit pages
Unit homework calendars
Class, reading, and discussion notes
Informative handouts
Personal responses

Examples of left side work include (examples of each on course website) :
Venn Diagram
Word Gram
Mind Notes
Concept Web
Drawing/Clip Art
Flow Charts
Connect to Today
Personal Responses
Processed Article 
Illustrated Proverbs
Political Cartoon
Point of View

How will the notebook be organized?

The ISN is divided into units of study based on our Geography curriculum.  Each section will have a cover page and then all the activities and assignments for that unit.  In the back of the notebook, you will create a glossary of terms for the year.

How will my notebook be graded?

Notebooks will be checked periodically and these checks will not be announced.  All class notes and assignments should be included, even for the days you were absent.  This includes each being recorded in the table of contents.  Each right side assignment must be complete, have a heading, and the date assigned or given written on it.  Mostly it is checked on being complete but the left sides must be varied and not be a simple restatement or a picture with no processing of content from the right side.

What happens if I am absent?

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain notebook assignments from either a classmate or the teacher.

Interactive Notebook