2020-21 Choir Auditions

2020-21 Choir Auditionstitle

RHS Choir Audition For the 2020-21 School Year


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Auditions 2020/21
March 24, 25, 26, 27, 30, 31 and April 1, 2, 3?
Sign up online for one ten minute time spot on one day
Transfer and Out of District Students please email Mr. Spiess for an audition time if you cannot make the March/April dates. sspiess@rocklinusd.org
RHS Course Registration--All Treble Voice (Soprano/Alto) students will sign up for "Concert Choir".  All Bass/Baritone/Tenor Voice students will sign up for "Men's Chorus". After auditions are complete we will place you in the correct choir. 
Please Note: Concert Choir and Men's Chorus do not require an audition. Just sign up and you are in.
Advanced Women's Ensemble and Chamber Choir require and audition. 

RHS Choirs 2020-21
1.  Concert Choir(s): Non-Auditioned  
Open to female/treble singers of any grade level.  Just sign up and you are in.
2.  Men's Chorus: Non-Auditioned   
Open to any male/tenor, baritone, bass singer of any grade level.  Just sign up and you are in!
3.  Advanced Women's Ensemble (AWE): Auditioned Choir  
Open to any female/treble singer desiring to perform high quality and challenging work in a fun, 
fast paced learning environment.  This ensemble is open to any female/treble singer of any 
grade level attending RHS.  Singers must complete an audition with Mr. Spiess. 
4.  Chamber Choir: Auditioned Choir
Chamber Choir is open to any male or female singer enrolled at RHS.  
All singers must complete an audition with Mr. Spiess.  

Requirements for ALL "Auditioned" Choirs

Hello 2020/21 Singers. We are excited that you want to audition for RHS Choirs. Auditions are pretty simple and you don't need to stress out over them. Simply follow the instructions found on the RHS Choir Webpage, Sign up right here, come to your audition time and have fun!  RHS Choir Webpage Click Here

Thank you for signing up taking time to sign up for an audition time.  Please fill in the the requested information on this sign up sheet.  REMEMBER this sign-up is only needed for "Auditioned Ensembles" Advanced Women's Ensemble (AWE) and Chamber Choir.  Concert Choir and Men's Ensemble are "Non-Auditioned" Choirs.  All students need to sign up for "Concert Choir" regardless of wanting to be in another choir. Only Concert Choir shows up on the course signups through the school.   Even though we have Concert Choir, Men's Chorus, Advanced Women's Ensemble and Chamber Choir you will not see it on the online course selection.  We will place you in the correct ensemble after auditions and call backs are completed.  It is possible to sing up for two ensembles in the same school year! If you don't audition you will automatically be placed in Concert Choir or Men's Chorus.

We look forward to hearing you soon.

Mr. Spiess

Director of Choral and Vocal Activities

Rocklin High School


1.  Please prepare a selection of a song of your choice that shows of your range, proper 
vocal tone and technique.  You do not need to prepare an entire piece.  16 bars of music 
is enough.
2.  If you do not have a vocal piece prepared please audition please use these 
recommendations as samples of songs to sing.
1.  The National Anthem (Choose a key that is comfortable.  Don't start off too high!)
2.  My Country Tis' of Thee
3.  Amazing Grace (One verse only A Cappella)
3.  Vocal Range Check:  Each singer auditioning will perform a series of vocal range and 
technique exercises to determine voice type, vocal color and timbre.  These are easy and 
there is no need to prepare any in advance.    
4.  Sign up for an audition time online.  You may also sing up for an audition time by emailing 
Mr. Spiess at sspiess@rocklinusd.org.  Incoming freshman can also sign up at the RHS Choir table 
at the 2017-18 Showcase Night on March 6th in the Gym Lobby.
Online Audition Sign Up
Call Backs
Singers may receive a call back for AWE and Chamber Choir. A "Call Back" simply means that we need
to hear you one more time before making final decisions.  Singers will sing the same audition piece 
at a call back which they used for the first round audition. Call back dates will be posted online and on 
the door of B-1 Choir room after the first round auditions are complete.  A call back is not a guarantee 
of acceptance into either of the two auditioned choirs.  Singers receiving a call back MUST show up to 
the requested call back audition.

Tips for Auditioning
1.   Be Prepared!  Please try to memorize your music.  This will show how committed you are to 
excellence in singing.
2.   Be On-time!  Please arrive early to your rehearsal.  Plan to be at your rehearsal at least 
15 minutes prior to your audition time.
3.   Arrive Warmed Up!  Singers who do not warm up their voices prior to an audition will not perform 
well.  Make sure you are well hydrated and warm!
4.   Introduce yourself prior to singing.  "Hello, my name is__________.  
I will be singing__________, by/from___________for you today" works great to 
formally introduce your self and also to break the ice and calm the nerves.

5.   Dress casually but look presentable for an audition.  

6.   Smile and be friendly!  We are excited to see and hear you.  We hope you will be also.

7.   BREATHE!  Don't be intimidated and forget to breathe.  Take a deep breath and relax.  
This process is really easier than you think.  We will help lighten the atmosphere so you 
are not nervous.
8.   If you make a mistake just keep going.
9   If you are singing a song that is not on our recommendation list above please have 
accompaniment to sing with.  A CD, phone, iPod or iPad works great and can be plugged into 
our sound system easily.  If you have an accompanist you may bring them along.  
10.  HAVE FUN!  Remember these auditions are both serious and lighthearted at the same time.  
We are excited to have you in the RHS Choir Program.  We like to have fun and want you to 
feel comfortable auditioning.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mr. Spiess at sspiess@rocklinusd.org.
PLEASE EMAIL FOR AN AUDITION TIME.  Incoming freshman may email, stop by the choir room or 
sign up at Showcase Night March 5th in the Gym Lobby.
I look forward to meeting you!
Mr. Spiess
Director of Choral and Vocal Activities 
Rocklin High School