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Due to the inability of so many students to test since the spring of 2020, many colleges have changed their testing policies and may no longer require an SAT or ACT score for admissions. Some of these changes are temporary and some are permanent. It is encumbant upon the student to research the policies at each college to which they are interested in applying. 
At this time (school year 2023-2024) it is the recommendation of Rocklin High School that students continue to attempt to take the SAT and/or ACT to provide for as many possible opportunities for college admissions and financial aid as possible if it is safe and reasonable for them to do so, however they should rest assured that many great opportunities are available without test scores this year.
Students who have a test score and are applying to test optional schools should consider the policies and admissions statistics of the school before deciding to submit those scores. College and career center staff is available to assist students with this decision.
SAT official site:
ACT official site:
The UC's AND Csu'S

The UC's AND Csu'S

The UC and CSU systems have both moved to being Test Blind indefinitley.  They do not consider standardized test scores for admissions.  Test scores could still be used for othe purposes such as course placement and certain scholarships but they will not be used for admissions.