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Application Deadlines

Early Decision 
This is a binding application. Students may only apply early decision to one school. If accepted, student must withdraw any other applications and attend this school.
CSU Applications
Available 10/01/2023, due by 11/30/2023
UC Applications
Available 8/01/2023,
Submission window 10/01/2023 - 11/30/2023  
Private and Out of State Schools
 Dates will Vary. Check school websites carefully.
Early Action
This is a non-binding application. Students able to apply early action to several schools. Application decision from school comes early, but student's decision to attend is not due until May 1.
Early action and early decision programs require students to submit their applications on an earlier deadline than regular admission. Decisions on early action and early decision applications are typically made in December, giving students a larger amount of time to plan for enrollment in the fall. If you are considering early decision, make sure that you are prepared to attend that particular school regardless of what financial aid package you are offered. An early decision applicant will not have the ability to compare financial aid packages from other schools prior to accepting an offer.