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Texting Groups: 
Would you like to receive informational texts about Student Activities directly to your phone?  Get information on schedule changes, dances, spirit weeks, graduation and much more:):)  You can sign up for grade level specific texts and/or whole school texts.   Simply text the code below to
     1)  the short code phone number 81010
                        or if you're phone provider doesn't support short codes
      2)  you can use this actual phone number  916-409-3578

Class of 2018:     @rocklin18
Class of 2019:     @rocklin19
Class of 2020:     @rocklin20
Class of 2021:     @rocklin21
Class of 2022:     @rocklin22
Class of 2023:     @rocklin23
Class of 2024:     @rocklin24
Class of 2025:     @rocklin25
Class of 2026:     @rocklin26
Class of 2027:     @rocklin27
For info on Remind click here.