Digital Media


Rocklin High School offers a wide varity of classes in the field of digital multimedia and design.  The program intigtates traditional and computer-based interactive means to create original products that incorporate text, graphics, sound, animation and video. The digital multimedia and design program offers students the ability to focus on finding a personal creative voice while expanding their knowledge of the technical aspects of multimedia production by completing a sequence of courses in digital art and animation and graphic communications and design. A capstone Advanced Placement 2d Design class if also offered for added rigor to the sequence. Upon successful completion of the curriculum students are able to enter the workforce or so on to advanced degree in many related fields of design and multimedia production.





Mrs. Amy Tackett
(916) 632-1600 ext 6061


Digital Art and Animation I
Digital Art and Animation II
Graphic Communications II


RHS Academic Planning Guide
Advanced Placement 2d Design
CA VAPA Standards
CTE Standards
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Class Reminders

ALL CLASSES: syllabi and lab donations due by September 30, 2013