Student Grades are available online and are updated regularly.  If you have a question, please contact your teacher

                        A= 100-90%                        
NC= less than 70%
Physical Education, by nature, requires regular attendance and participation.  Excessive absences or lack of participation will directly affect your successful completion of each quarter. 
* grading is based on quarter activities.  Students must pass BOTH quarters in order to earn credit for the semester. (Quarter grades are averaged to determine final grade)

Freshmen Classes:  70% of your grade comes from partcipation
                                20% of your grade comes from written assignments/tests      
                                        and skill tests
                                10% of your grade comes from Cardio Assessments which are
                                        considered essential skills
Elective Classes:  80% participation
                             10% written/testing
                             10% Cardio Assessments (Essential Skills)

1.      Incomplete Uniform  (IU) will reduce the final quarter grade by ONE QUARTER GRADE (2.5%) for each missing piece of the PE Uniform.  Example:  black shorts

2.  Each non-suit  (NS) will reduce your final quarter grade by 10 points (10% of quarter grade).  Clothes worn to school cannot be used for P.E. and will result in a non-suit  (This includes “game day” attire for athletes)

3.    Class cuts will reduce the final quarter grade by 10 points (10% of quarter grade).  
       Cuts are determined by the RHS attendance office.

4.   Non-participation will result in a reduction of your final quarter grade as follows:
    NP-5= Not participating to the expected level for each activity in a class
       period will reduce the final quarter grade by ONE HALF GRADE.
     NP-10= Not participating the entire class period will reduce the final quarter
       grade by 10 points (10% of quarter grade). 
5.  Tardies will reduce the final quarter grade by ONE HALF GRADE.

6.  Each absence beyond two, excused or unexcused, in any quarter will reduce the final quarter grade by ONE HALF GRADE (5%) for each absence.

7.      Misconduct (M)- any unacceptable behavior as defined by RHS code of conduct will result in the in the loss of up to ONE FULL GRADE (10%) for the grading period.

8.      Semester Grades are determined by averaging quarter grades.


Students must earn a 70% or above in EACH quarter receive a passing grade for the semester.
Quarter grades earned above 70% will be averaged to determine the semester grade.
Excessive absences from class, failing to dress for activity, and or failing to pass written/skills tests are the main reasons students earn a No Credit, resulting in repeating Physical Education courses


Plus Period Make-Ups

Plus Period Make-Ups iconPlus Period Make-Upstitle

Students may complete Participation Make-Ups during every Plus Period
            (offered Tues thru Friday with a few exceptions)
Students will earn 5% towards your grade for every plus period make-up successfully completed.
Students must be dressed and ready to participate by 12:15
Participation requires proper PE attire and sign-in
Activities will include general fitness activities at the teachers discretion.
Any medical limitations will apply to Make-Up activities but students must inform the supervising teacher.


Each student will be expected to participate in the physical education program wearing a complete set of “marked” regulation gym clothes.

ROYAL blue gym shorts can be purchased through RHS ($14.00) or students can provide their own as long as they are PLAIN ROYAL blue
SHORT SHORTS (i.e. "soffe" are not appropriate for P.E.)
REQUIRED SHIRTS:   GRAY T-shirts can be purchased through RHS ($11.00) or students can provide their own as long as they are PLAIN (no logos etc..) GRAY shirts issued by RHS teams/clubs  are acceptable.
SHOES REQUIRED:  Cross Training//Running type shoes appropriate for physical activity.  Shoes must have laces that can be tied.
 (slip ons, vans, converse etc.. even with laces are not appropriate for P.E.)
COOLER WEATHER brings questions about sweatshirts and sweatpants.  Both are okay to wear in class as long as they are BLUE or GRAY.
Leggings may be worn UNDER your PE shorts
Some classes may require a uniform unique to their class activity. Ex..Freshmen Swimming Unit=Swim suit (does not need to be blue), swim caps (goggles are recommended but not required).
All uniforms must be marked with student’s last name using a permanent marker. This should be done within the first week of class.  Lost uniforms cannot be reclaimed unless a name is clearly marked on the uniform.
Students must responsible for having the appropriate P.E. Uniform for class each day.


All students will be given an opportunity to make up grade reductions due to participation issues during their  plus period. Students can also request a pass to come during other plus periods.  Students will earn 5% for each Plus Period Participation Make-Up that is successfully completed.

Students will be required to stay and participate in Plus Period PE activities at teacher's discretion.  

Students must be ready to participate (dressed in PE clothes/signed in) by 12:20 in order to earn credit for participation
Specific Assignment make-ups can also be completed by appointment with your own teacher or during PLUS PERIOD.   (ex. Written tests, skills tests, lab activities…)

Participation Correctives will also be offered IN CLASS during the last two days of each semester.  
   Each full corrective completed will earn a student 5 point (5%) towards their final grade.