All Freshmen are required to take and successfully complete PE 1 at RHS.  This course has a strong focus on improving personal fitness as well as exposing students to mulitple genres of physical activity that we hope will help promote a lifetime appreciation and recognition of the importance of physical fitness.

Units include: (use links to the left for more information)
  • Volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Fitness Lab
  • Dance
For PE 1 classes:
70% of the final grade comes from participation.
20% of the final grade comes from written work/tests/ skills tests.
10% of the final grade comes from cardio tests which are also essential skills and must be completed in order to pass the course.

ALL PE 1 students must also complete statewide fitness testing (PFT).  Students must meet the minimum standard on 5 of the 6 tests in order to move on to an elective PE course the following year.  Students who do not meet the minimum standards will be placed in PE 2 course for the following year.  See  available standards below.

For more information regarding PFT visit the CDE website

Please refer to the General Information page for more info regarding Grading Policies and PE Uniforms.