It is the goal of the RHS Physical Education Department to keep students actively involved whenever possible.  Prompt and clear communication between Parent/Physician and Teacher is important.  Most activities can be easily modified allowing students to remain engaged at an appropriate level until they can return to full participation.  When in doubt, please email your P.E. teacher.


Basic first aid supplies are available in the P.E. offices for accidents and injuries that occur during class time.  Students requiring more medical aid will be sent to the Nurse's office. Please see school nurse for accidents and injuries that occur outside of P.E.


Asthma/Chronic Conditions affecting Participation

Asthma/Chronic Conditions affecting Participation iconAsthma/Chronic Conditions affecting Participationtitle

There are many conditions that may limit but not exclude a student from participation in Physical Education activities.  These may include Asthma, Scoliosis, Diabetes, IBS and more.  Our goal is to ensure that each student participates appropriately.  Modified P.E. forms are available with the link below or from your teacher and should be completed and returned as early as possible.
Students requiring the use of inhalers need to have modified PE  forms on file with the school health office and their P.E. Teacher. Students will be expected to carry the inhaler to class everyday.
    Modified PE Letter                                   Modified PE Form for Physicians

SHORT TERM - less than 5 weeks

SHORT TERM - less than 5 weeks iconSHORT TERM - less than 5 weekstitle

It is the understanding of the Physical Education department that if a student is well enough to attend school, then he/she is well enough to participate in Physical Education.  However, we also recognize that there are legitimate reasons for being excused from/modifying physical activity. 
In order to be excused from/modify class activities the student must bring a SIGNED AND DATED note which includes why the student is being excused/modified from the parent/Physician.  All notes must be presented ON the same day of  class .  If the student needs to be excused for more than 3 school days, a doctor’s note is required.  This note must be on file with the P.E. Instructor.
Students  will dress in P.E. clothes and participate as appropriate.
Students excused from PE will also be excused from athletic participation.
(this includes practice/games)
Students are allowed TWO days of medical non-participation per quarter.  Additional days missed will result in a non-participation and the student will be encouraged to  participate in P.E. make-ups (during Plus Period). 
 MODIFIED activity days are not considered as


 ex... broken bones, extended illness, surgery, etc...
1.      MODIFIED PHYSICAL EDUCATION:  is for those students with chronic conditions that may limit their participation in physical education.  Examples would be.. scoliosis, Osgood-Schlatter’s, IBS,  and some forms of asthma.  These students are required to have a MODIFIED PHYSICAL EDUCATION form completed by their physician.  This will help the Physical Education staff develop a plan so the student can safely participate in class activities. (see chronic conditions above)
              Modified PE Letter                                   Modified PE Form for Physicians

2.    MEDICAL INCOMPLETE: is for those students who become ill or injured during the school year and are unable to continue, or will miss 6 weeks ore more of class activity.  These students will be referred to their counselor as soon as the P.E. teacher receives medical documentation.  These students can earn course credit after minimum requirements have been met.  Students will have one full semester to complete any make-ups necessary to meet those requirements. 
2.      EXEMPTION: is for students who are physically unable to participate in any activity during class due to permanent illness or injury.  These students will meet with their counselor to work on placement.  These students will not earn credit for the semester from which they are exempted and the graduation requirement may be waived for that grading period.