1. Writing a noteIf your student needs to be excused for PE please send a note on the day you would like them excused.  Our goal is to keep students engaged whenever possible/appropriate. Please include specific information so that whenever possible we can MODIFY activity to keep your student involved. Notes should include students first and last name, date, and reason along with a parent signature and contact information.

          SAMPLE NOTE   

2.  When my student brings a note to be excused from PE does he/she still need to dress out?  YES! Students not participating in P.E. due to parent note are REQUIRED to dress in P.E. uniform (unless physically unable to)  and participate in a modified activity (when appropriate).


3.  Are black shirt/shorts okay ? NO: PE Shorts must be Royal Blue, shirts must be Gray

4. Are "soffe" shorts okay?  NO:  RHS PE requires that students wear shorts of appropriate length- think basketball or soccer style shorts.  "Short" shorts are not appropriate.


5. What about sweatshirts or pants?  Students may wear them IF they are blue/gray.


6.  If my student loses points can they earn them back?  YES! Students may earn back points lost due to lack of participation, fitness, non-suits, absences, etc… by participating in correctives offered during any Plus period that their teacher is available. 

7. Will my student lose points when they are absent?  Maybe… Students are allowed TWO excused absences  per quarter without penalty.  Any absences (excluding athletic events), beyond two will result in -5 points  per absence.  Students will be encouraged to attend correctives.  Any assessments missed will need to be made up.


8. Any health issues that may affect the student’s participation in P.E. activities needs to be documented by a Physician and on file with both the School Health Office and the P.E. Teacher before activity begins.(i.e. asthma, OSD, scoliosis, IBS, …) Students may miss up to TWO class periods per quarter due to health issuesAnything more than two days and students will be encouraged to make up points by attending correctives during plus period.  Forms are available on the "Medical Questions" page of our website.

9. If I have filed a medical form with the main office, why do I have to do another one for the PE Department?  Two reasons; first- it can take some time for information to filter to us from the main office due to the volume of information they are dealing with.  Second, it helps us work with students and safely modify activity while holding them accountable for activities they should be doing/medications they should be using/etc and holding them out of activities they should not be participating in.


 10.  Do students exercise outside on "spare the air" days? Maybe- all of our teachers are notified of "Spare the Air" days and modify curriculum accordingly.  Some classes are affected more than others depending on time of day and activity. 

Don't see your question here?  Please contact Dave Muscarella  or your teacher to get those questions answered.