Natalie Antrobus

Last spring my family and I left Denver Colorado to move back home to Rocklin. I graduated from Rocklin High in 1997 and I couldn't be happier to be back.

This is my first year coaching at RHS as well as my first year coaching anyone older than 10! Most of my childhood was spent in a gym. I played Basketball, volleyball, and softball. I played varsity volleyball and basketball for RHS. I was a student athlete every season, participated in student government, and even spent a semester in the band.

 I studied Art Education at Sacramento State University. Most recently I taught Pilates at 24hour fitness. In a church setting, I have taught ages 2 to 100. But my favorite was working with the 12-17 year old young people. Currently I stay at home with my four children ages 10, 8, 6 and 3. My family and like to do anything outdoors but our favorites are hiking and biking. When I get five minutes to myself, I like to sew and plan our next vacation.

My philosophy about girls in sports is simple. I am trying to teach young people lessons that will last a life time and enable them to grow into adults who don't just function in society, but do amazing things to make their community and ultimately their world a better place; hard work, perseverance, how to take criticism, RESPECT for themselves and others, a positive outlook on life, etc.. I hope every girl leaves this season knowing that it's not about how your body looks, but what you can do with it. And that they keep up a life long goal of good health and exercise.

Mackenzie Albrech

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