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Welcome to Rocklin High School Dance!
The Dance Classes at RHS are offered as part of the Visual & Performing Arts Department. They seek to provide students a comprehensive dance education encompassing the technical, theatrical, creative & fitness components of dance.  Dance 1 (beginning dance) through Dance 4 (advanced dance) are offered and each course includes daily technique practice, dance history & theory, choreography & artistry and culminates with a professional level production for the school and community to enjoy. Dance Teachers Mrs. Abby Huber & Mrs. Sarah Blankenship both hold Bachelor's degrees in Dance and come to RHS with professional dance & choreography experience. They strive to inspire a passion for dance, discipline, creativity & confidence in their students. Rocklin Dance presents multiple opportunities for the students to perform each year:
-Visual and Performing Arts Creepy Concert 
-Visual and Performing
-4WRD Dance Show
-Dance 1Showcase
-Advanced Dance Show
We hope to see you at one of our performances!
Course Offerings

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Be sure to visit the Rocklin High School Course Catalog for detailed course descriptions
Dance One - Beginning technique dance course, three sections, Mrs. Sarah Blankenship
Dance Two - Intermediate technique dance course, Mrs. Abby Huber
Dance Three - Advanced Intermediate technique dance course, Mrs. Abby Huber
Dance Four - Advanced technique course, Mrs. Abby Huber
Dance Class Policies

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Students receive 10 points per day by coming to class and following our participation guidelines:

-Arrive on time

-Wear all black attire

-Wear Jazz shoes

-Have hair back in a ponytail

-No gum

-Positive attitude!!

*Rocklin Dance is part of the Visual and Performing Arts Department, though students can opt to choose P.E. credit in lieu of VAPA credit.  Students make these decisions with their assigned counselor.

*Students are allowed one excused absence per semester for free (no reduction in participation points).  

*Students have an unlimited amount of extra credit opportunities by attending  teacher-approved dance shows and following the RHS Dance Critique Guidelines.  Each written critique can earn up to 25 points!

*All students must have jazz shoes by October 1st of each school year  in order to receive their participation points.  All students will be wearing TAN jazz shoes in their dance show.

*Late work is always accepted; students can receive up to 70% credit.

*If a student has a parent or doctor’s note requesting that they do not participate in a class period, they are still required to fully dress down (just as they would with any P.E. course) and will need to complete a make-up assignment in order to receive participation points for the day.   Post-dated parent notes are not accepted.

*If a student can not participate in dance for more than 6 weeks per a doctor’s note, they will not receive credit for the semester.

*You can only receive participation points if you come to class (on time, following the participation point guidelines above) - come to class!!

Dance Class Auditions for the following school year are always  in the Spring, we announce the dates around January!  If you are interested in Dance 1 and do not have dance experience then you just sign up for the class.  If you have dance experience then you will get to audition for an upper level class.