RHS Alumni Scholarship Fund

Rocklin High School is proud to introduce a new program allowing alumni of the school to contribute into a scholarship fund that will help graduating seniors pursue their post-graduation academic and career aspirations. If you were a recipient of the Assist-A-Grad Program or any other scholarship program, you may remember how instrumental these scholarships were in helping you attend college, pay for vital school supplies, or help you cover costs of career preparation programs. Now is your chance to give back!

Whether you are passionate about helping a student attend an art academy, public university, or simply get through an automotive training program, this is the opportunity for you to help build a legacy for RHS alumni contributing to the success of the students in their community. 

The greatest thing about the RHS Scholarship Fund? You can contribute as little or as much as you’d like, whether it is $5 or $500. Just the fact that you are donating to a cause to enable RHS seniors to pursue their academic and career ambitions speaks volumes in our culture of “paying it forward”. You can even participate in the process to award these scholarships to well deserving seniors!


Feel free to reach out to:
- Amber Tillery, RHS Career Center: 916-632-1600 ext. 6118 or atillery@rocklin.k12.ca.us
- Gary Grewal, RHS Alumni Fund Coordinator: garygrewal88@gmail.com 

To donate, please mail a check payable to: 
Rocklin High School  to RHS Alumni Scholarship Fund 5301 Victory Lane Rocklin, CA 95765

Thank you for your support of RHS, and Go Thunder!