Welcome to Rocklin High School’s

2019 Assist-a-Grad Program

Thanks to the very generous donors throughout our community, Rocklin High School is able to offer a robust in-house scholarship program for our graduating seniors. Students may apply to any of the scholarships by completing the Assist-a-Grad application and any supplementary requirements. Applications are due to the RHS College and Career Center no later than 3pm on February 28. Students may be invited to interview on April 9 or 10 for a scholarship to which they have applied and must be available to attend if invited. The winners will be invited to attend senior awards night on Monday, May 13 at 6pm in the Rocklin High School gym. Please see the links below for all of the information that you need to apply.

Viewing this presentation will give you a great overall idea of how this program works.
This contains instructions and some pages used in the application packet.  
This form can be used in place of a letter of recommendation if your recommender prefers.
Please note that many of the scholarships on the list offer multiple awards. Also, additional scholarships will be added to this list throughout the application window, so please get started on your main application and check back for additional options frequently.